Saturday, January 23, 2010

22 Weeks Pregnant Fluid Incervix Freaking Out - Please Help - 22 Weeks Pregnant - Weird Feelings In Cervix/vaginal Area?? + Low Amniotic Fluid.

Freaking out - please help - 22 weeks pregnant - weird feelings in cervix/vaginal area?? + low amniotic fluid. - 22 weeks pregnant fluid incervix

in 22 weeks. I have low amniotic fluid. Fluid yesterday, my baby was very inactive and ultrasound amniotic fluid was very low. My baby moving more today, but I'm curious sensation, feeling very weak, where I imagine that at the beginning or at the neck all the way into the vaginal muscles ..... it does not hurt, as I imagine the Braxton Hicks contractions or feel ... But I'm crazy.

I was there to see whether the discharge, because my doctor told me to see to it is the discharge because of low amniotic fluid .. and I felt "loose "....... I havent had no sex, had sex in 6 months could dialating? I know I look like the freaking out, too irrational or illogical, but I'm not one to do these things or feeling things that Arent .. Has anyone any idea what these symptoms? in the plans to get checked into the hospital ..

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