Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mortgage Protection Clause Mortgage Protection Clause Help!!! Shared Ownership?

Mortgage protection clause help!!! Shared ownership? - mortgage protection clause

Hello everybody, can help someone as I have met a wall

In 60 percent of the purchase of a property jointly owned ..... I was told by my lawyer that there is no "protection clause of the mortgage" in the contract .... Ive had my offer to pay mortgage with Woolwich, the fees and signed the mortgage .....

My lawyer told me that because of the "safeguard clause of the mortgage" is not on the lease of the Woolwich mortgage can not approve .... condtion because there is a mortgage that the clause in the lease included ....

However, I have my lawyer to sign the contract papers and asked me to save the down payment mortgage-transfer (10k) to "later ".....

And the housing association has a financial adviser to arrange the mortgage for me! So, should in any case aware of this problem? "And the seller has a mortgage with the Woolwich and uses the same Solictor when he bought the house! 6 years!

Has anyone in a similar situation? Can it real ly be denied, the mortgage now, after I paid forRating (€ 300) application fee loan (£ 1500) and signed the mortgage

Id appreciate any advice ..... my lawyer sent the letter yesterday, Woolwich and instant messaging pending "approval" of the mortgage that you can exchange contracts - the decision on the approval of the insurer's Tuesday AM

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