Saturday, January 23, 2010

Baby Shower Party Gifts Baby Shower Group Gift Reasonable Price?

Baby Shower Group Gift Reasonable Price? - baby shower party gifts

I agree with just a business for two weeks and you will receive an e-mail, a group of people (including myself) to participate at a baby shower party. You are cordially invited to join the group gift, too. I do not know the person, am just a baby, in fact I am not familiar with most of my colleagues. I do not want to be rude or seem strange how much should I contribute to a group gift?


  1. Good $ 10 - $ 20 and it is to ... be with these people and develop relationships with them over time in the office. Do not start with the left foot. And who knows, maybe actually closer to the people. You can even learn to know them, go into the shower. Therefore contribute to the causes and try to have a positive view of things.

  2. I would say that a contribution of $ 5 would be sufficient. I do not think they expect to bring in much money, maybe not to feel excluded. Not insist on giving them $ 5 if you feel comfortable with it and deal with it.

  3. Probably only $ 5. I'm sure he was invited because he wanted to leave you. But no one expects you to much of a gift for someone you do not know to make.