Saturday, February 20, 2010

Normal Body Muscle % My Body Starts Shaking When I'm Working Out(after A While), Is This Normal?

My body starts shaking when I'm working out(after a while), is this normal? - normal body muscle %

Hello, I think the title says my question, but I would add only some additional information:
I eat lots of protein, before moving on to train and eat, a little later, well
I have just started training seriously
I'm 16

It's just a normal reaction of the body (such as muscle contraction or so)?


  1. It appears that your blood sugar plant.
    I was really weak and fragile when it happens.
    You may add more carbs to your meal or a snack before training.
    If this keeps up, maybe blood tests to see if you are hyperglycemic.

  2. You should probably try to eat lots of carbs before training that the fuel is available and also to ensure that you are properly hydrated from before, during and after your work. Proteins are after eating, because they help with muscle repair. Take It Easy, and unstable if you feel, then stops to rest. Try the forum for men For more tips, which already can be a bit cheeky, but tend to be very useful if you are a beginner!

  3. what happens to me too! lol