Thursday, February 4, 2010

What Appetizer Goes With Clam Chowder For Today, The Soup Is Clam Chowder With Delictable Crackers.... You May Have A Beer.... The Appetizer Is....?

For today, the soup is clam chowder with delictable crackers.... you may have a beer.... the appetizer is....? - what appetizer goes with clam chowder

Onion rings and corn cakes. You need a towel? * Here *. I still have (more bibs for children and not so little lol) and wipes, and thirty different types of spoons and forks. They do not know what to use. Baby back ribs for dinner so large that you can eat with one hand. The sauce is just oozing over the side to overcome perfectly. Not choke on the bones no CPR. Eatin 'and enjoy your dinner. I am now, then when you do, please kindly dishwasher and close the doors for me.don t forget to pay me now lol!


  1. Yay my favorite food ..... DIB, the first time I ... and I will come back .... for seconds

    and third ... and perhaps liter

  2. I clam chowder soup was Friday.

  3. Onion Rings
    and a mini-tacos