Monday, February 22, 2010

What Is Inside The Virgina What Could This Be I Really Don't Understand It?

What could this be i really don't understand it? - what is inside the virgina

in the last 2 days my virginity (at home and the clitoris and the opening) Sorry for so much information was really bites me any discharge or odor. Me and my partner has tried for a child of 8 months and I am on my period 1 June and yesterday was when he feels a little blood on the paper like blood and my vagina is very wet wipe dry, but at the same time, if it makes no sense to tell me if it is connected again, many thanks for your help = D


  1. sounds like me 2 years ago when I was pregnant!
    I thought I'd choke, because when I go to the toilet a lot of mucus from Outa me and I felt itching in hell .. I had some issues had been the introduction of blood and mucus, because she was pregnant, a test or HUN pregnant and if ur not wait for June, and if u get ur period and try Ur TSD or hope bub but if u do u probably Throttle and U have to see a doctor to ... Baby powder or HUN:) goodluck

  2. You can ifyouknowwhatImean allergic reaction to his sperm, Lube, or just the touch of a lack of lubrication or excessive strain.