Sunday, February 21, 2010

Upconvert Dvd Is Grainy Does Anyone Else Think Studios Have Started To Intentionally Make Standard DVDs Look Worse To Push HD?

Does anyone else think studios have started to intentionally make standard DVDs look worse to push HD? - upconvert dvd is grainy

Blu-ray / DVD from the surface, it seems that the quality of standard DVDs I (think) began to deteriorate. I do not have BluRay (expected format war came to an end). I saw No Country for Old Men, now and for the DVD looked very good. Treat yourself to an Upconverting DVD player. I just put in Oceans 13, and it seems a terrible god. This could be the worst movie I saw on the lookout for (new 61 "Samsung DLP). It's grainy as hell. Of course, I know that with the camera / style which the film was shot, can play a role, but my theory is that studies seem to have deliberately started to standard DVD for the worse, urging people to BluRay / HD. In comparison, the high-definition format is much better than better. "Anyone else is giving this theory?

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  1. It's an interesting theory, but does not agree with them. I have seen a Blu-ray DVD, but usually still / buy the regular DVD because I do not like the price of Blu-Ray.

    I think the majority of DVDs I've seen the new version always seems to be of good quality.